YOUR OWN LAND is a film that follows musician Don Bryant through the ins and outs of a tour through Europe, as well as highlights the contrasts between those tours and his life at home in Memphis.

The film YOUR OWN LAND is a paraphrase of a Bible verse: And he said, "Truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his own land…” (Luke 4:24).

Artists all around the world struggle with the fallacy that they are celebrated in other cities, other countries, and other lands, but rarely in a similar way at home. This is especially true in Europe, where artists in places like Copenhagen and Oslo are regarded as providing a service and just as valuable as the doctors and lawyers of society. The Porretta Soul Festival, in Porretta, Italy, which this film will cover for Don’s 2019 performance, includes streets covered Memphis soul music history…street names, shops, and the like. This film will document Don’s performances and travels as he juggles tour life and coming home in an attempt to show an incredible artist who deserves to be documented, as well as shine a light on the way we view artists within our own land.